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Gaming Links

Local Links:

  • Well, it's closer than you think now. Yes, that's right, the big shebang of the year, Briscon '98 is rapidly approaching. Check out their site here, to get the details on all the events - there's freeform, role-playing and wargaming. It's going to be great, so get your entries in early and save!

Gaming Resources and Links Links:

  • RPGNet is the biggest, most chock-full RPG-oriented site on the net. Articles, reviews, humour, newsgroups, forums, connections, links by the score, everything you ever wanted to find on the net about RPGs but were too afraid to search for. The only problem is that there is SO MUCH stuff here, you may never find what you are looking for. Getting lost, though, is interesting anyway.

  • Web RPG is like a smaller version of RPGNet. Links, forums, heaps of up-to-date news, online gaming and a very amusing monthly Top 10 list that is definitely worth checking out. They've recently started up a fortnightly magazine - varying in quality, but generally something of interest each issue. Some good stuff here.

  • For something a little less commercial, check out Phil Masters' RPG links page. Phil, of course, is a rather brilliant British RPG writer, with more writing credits then you can poke a stick at. His links page is one of the most interesting and comprehensive on the net, and is definitely worth a look for any role-player.

  • There's also @fantasy, an "online journal of fantasy adventure role-playing". Another resource site, with articles, discussions, humour, gaming ideas and links. A bit thin on the ground, and too much implied AD&D for my liking but you might find something of interest here.

  • Lastly, we mention some smaller links sites: Dwarven Tavern Cyberzine has some links on it, as well as a lot of fiction and poetry. And Philommedes just lists a whole bunch straight out without any crap. Not bad.

Other Net-Zines:

RPGnet has a list of RPG zine's on the net. We took that list and took out all those that were print only, all those that were in foreign langauges, all those that belonged to a company, all those that were about one game only, all those that were dead, all those that were really weird and all those that seriously sucked. Here's what was left.
  • The RPG Times is Australian, and has lasted a long time. Unlike most fanzines it is consistent, coming out once a month like clockwork. Sometimes, though, they'll have too many stories and new rules (and too few articles) for our tastes but this is still one of the best RPG zines on the net.

  • The Role-Playing News is small (like us) and a little lacking in content and readers (like us), but is dedicated to exploring the full potential of role-playing games (like us!). No wonder we like 'em so much.

  • Interregnum is actually a print magazine, but the samples they provide are of such good quality they deserve a mention. Most of their stuff eventually worms its way into the RPGnet articles section. Worth checking out.

  • ARSE Expose's name speaks for itself. Described as "where news meets truth meets game" whatever that means. But it's irreverent attitude towards the gaming industry is quite amusing. At the moment though, it is seriously lacking in any real content. Has potential.

  • Fireblade is a very small production that showed a lot of promise, but now looks like it never made it passed the first issue. Alas. Hopefully, it may be revived one day.Dimensions is another one that was good, but has since passed on. You might find something interesting in the remains, though.

  • Both imazine and Obifex look good, but both require plug-ins to be downloaded, and hence we didn't bother going any further. If you have more patience, this could prove rewarding. We hear Imazine has a long-standing reputation for quality.

Miscellaneous Links:

  • Everyone needs to check out Andrew Rilstone's site. The man is a genius, a visionary and a phenomenally talented writer. Occasionally he has turned his talents to writing about role-playing, most notably in the pages of arcane magazine. If you enjoy stimulating and intelligent examinations of modern sociological issues, or if you're just a Doctor Who fan, this is the site for you.

  • Fantasy Realms APA. is more than a bit odd, has really annoying frames, and its resources are pretty much useless unless you play their "Fantasy Realms" game, but all this is forgiven (or at least ignored) because they have got the most kick-ass silly music when you open the page. Go, listen, and be amazed.

Found a hot new site on the net? Discovered the missing link? Let us know here.

We're also looking for someone to help us compose and maintain this page. If you are interested in giving up your free time to paw through piles of net garbage for that odd glimmer of genius, for no other reward then a sense of a job well done, talk to us here.

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