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OK, OK, it's November. We've slipped behind a little. But this is not for lack of work. In fact, the main reason we're late is our host server had a few problems there for a while, so we couldn't publish. But all looks fine now.

But we have been busy of late. Our sponsorship of ConJure meant that we ran a big PR job on the zine for the occasion. And we of course attended the event and had a great time out there. We're hoping that this will really help the magazine, and the Brisbane gaming community.

But we have not been neglecting our wider audience. I've been talking with gamers all over the world of late, for the internet is even better than a convention when it comes to connecting with the gaming community.

A trip over to RPGNet reveals some bad news: their greatest columnist, Jeff "Ack" Freeman, is hanging up his towel. It is very sad to see this brilliant man go. However, the great Shadow Sprite is still going strong, and it seems great minds think alike. Shadow's article Nobody Wants To GM! is a perfect compliment to my earlier article Give Your GM A Break!. I highly recommend Shadow's article, and the rest of his brilliant work.

I've also been talking to some friends in Denmark. Unfortunately, the news is bad: once again a (normally credible) religious group has been coming down on role-playing, listing it as something of "occult/satanic background". It never ends, does it? On a happier note, I also became friends with an Englishman, Steve Dempsey, who agreed to give us the whole lowdown on the biggest RPG convention in Europe - UK GENCON. See the Local News for more.

And in further conversation with our readers, we've had a swathe of submissions come in. Not to imply that we don't want more, of course, but this issue we proudly feature three new writers. Jody Macgregor has given us a wonderful glimpse at his gaming roots in Once Upon A Time, while David Astley has submitted an article on introducing adventures. Some of you may recall this article from the pages of the Queensland Wargamer. Lastly, Stephen Brown, a close friend of ours, offers a humorous rant about a bad gaming experience (which I had the misfortune to also be part of), and the lessons we all learnt from it.

The History also continues to soldier on, despite a few hiccups in the research. And the rest of the zine is about conventions - a reflection on ConJure from Brett, and my simple piece is designed to get those gamers out there who don't go to conventions to have another think about that.

And that's it, another issue. It doesn't seem like much after all the effort we put into it, but there you go. Anyway, I hope it proves interesting.

And finally, just a quick note to the asshole in the grey ute who ran up my arse at that intersection and totalled my car: if you're reading this - f*ck you very much.

Steve Darlington,

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