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The Reader's Survey

Simply fill out the survey below, send it off to us, and you could be the lucky winner of a complete boxed set of over 600 cards for the On The Edge, the "Psychosurreal Trading Card Game".

On The Edge [Logo]

In On the Edge, players adopt the roles of arch-conspirators on Al Amarja, the shadowy setting of the Over the Edge roleplaying game. Cards represent the resources and inhabitants of the island, from contacts in the art scene to strange alien technologies. 270 cards of varying rarity comprise the standard version. Designed by Jonathon Tweet and John Nephew, On the Edge won GAMES Magazine's Best New Trading Card Game award in 1995, and was Overstreet's Fan's Best Trading Card Game that same year. Don't miss out!

Competition closes 15th of March, 1999. Editors and staff of PTGPTB and their families cannot enter. Even if they really want to. You must be a subscriber to win. Because I said so, that's why. No multiple entries allowed. Yes, we can tell, even if you do that. The editor's decision is final. But he does accept bribes.

Overall, how would you rate PTG, PTB?
How would you rate just the content of PTG, PTB?
How would you rate just the design of PTG, PTB?
How long have you been reading PTG, PTB?
How did you first discover the zine?
What was the chief factor that made you continue reading the zine?
Which of our issues has been the best?
Which is the most important section of the magazine?
Which is the least important section of the magazine?
Which is your favourite section of the magazine?
Which is your least favourite section of the magazine?
Which is the best article/series you have read?
Which of the following would you most like to see added to the magazine?
Anything not listed above you'd like to see added?
Do you subscribe?
If no, why not?
Have you previously/will you recommend this zine to your gaming friends?
Why/why not?
Have you considered contributing to the zine?
How long have you been a role-player?
How many times a week do you roleplay?
What game(s) do you play the most?
Are you more often a GM or a player?
How many hours a week would you spend on the net?
What other RPG sites do you visit regularly?
Where do you live (city and country)?
What is your gender?
What is your age?
Do you have any comments?

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