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Great read for someone as ignorant on the mainstream RPG's as I am. One thing however: The history series has forgotten Nethack and other "rogue-like" computer games. There are a number of people who got turned on to FRP's by "hacking" on the University Unix system and trying to beat the high score, and eventually, to reach demigod-hood and ascend from the Dungeon of Gehennom.

Yes indeed, I did miss out the legendary Nethack and others like it in my New Ways to Play piece. Sorry about that one - there was just so much material I had to cover there so inevitably things got mislaid. Consider it remembered now.

How about a competition where readers send in articles competing for some prize and having their name placed in a ptgptb hall of article fame. Article can be about anything which everybody can relate to. Not an article about gaming in Australia but something you can read no matter where in the world you game.
Nick Smith

It's a good idea Nick, but given how hard it can be just getting a handful of authors each issue, I doubt we could afford a prize big enough to make such a competition worthwhile. But if other people want an article competition, just let us know.

I first started reading about maturity and gaming..but it was the article on rpg's history that really peaked my interest...and caused me to read ALL the back issues...I have been involved in rpg's since the 70's and own virtually all the games mentioned in the history article.

Although i have been designing "worlds" for many years, and conducting games as long...most of the players were 12 to 17 year old range...first my children and their some neighborhood kids...I have not found very many adults with which I could discuss and compare notes about RPGs. You have no idea how it feels to me having found this site, Rivendel and others like is like coming home..thank you..donn..aka....seaweed

Thankyou...for your comments....Donn...comments like this...make us very happy...and keep us making the zine...Ed :-)

Don't let the links page just disappear! I for one find it a useful resource when looking for RPG sites - the synopsis of the sites linked is an all too often absent feature with other links pages. If people are *really* set against the idea, how about a shrunk down links page, or one ran every other issue?
Matthew Bloomer, Northhants UK

We're sorry to take the Links page away from those who liked it, but there is little we can do here. Time is the real factor, Matt. With real world obligations mounting up we just don't have the time to maintain a links page. We will continue to review links in the Highlights page, but for the time being, that is the best we can do. Unless you are willing to help us out?

Discovered your site by a freakish accident. As an ex-pat Pom, 12,000 miles away from old gaming friends and now living in Booval QLD (long story) your site was a great find. It was a surprise to find a RPG site not based in the continental USA and in Brisbane at that. No sales schtick, fantastic!! Cheers,

You'd be surprised how many people find us by freakish accidents...

Good site, very usful for my course work on RPGs. All I need is the first two parts to the "History of RPGs".
James, UK

Er...glad we could help, James. You're doing course work on RPGs? Can I speak for every gamer in the world for a second and scream "you lucky bastard!". :-)

I hope you don't mind, but I have linked to your article "Places to Go, People To Be - The History of Roleplaying, Part IV" from my site - the RPG Anti-Defamation League, which you may find at

I found the article informative and potentially of great value to anyone who is curious about the past and current state of gaming...Thanks!
Johanna Mead

Thank you, Johanna, for considering the history worthy of inclusion in your informative and well done site (which everyone should check out, of course). Best of luck with it all.

I do very much like the title of your fanzine. I took a few minutes to glance over your current and recent issues, and found myself wrapped up in some of what was there. As it happens, I was recently asked about the suicide of James Dallas Egbert III, and had asked a group of the most informed role players I knew for more details, but they had little which compared to the two-part article you presented, and I (and I am sure the person who asked me) was glad to have it. I've called the attention of the group (the Gaming Industry Underground list) to that article and the zine generally
Mark Young

Good to hear it is being useful. We were very proud to publish Shaun's definitive and brilliant work on the subject, because it is something we should all know about, yet the facts are almost impossible to find - until now, anyway. If you really enjoyed it, please pass on your appreciation to Shaun himself.


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