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D&D 3E and GenCon

As everyone knows, the big news of the year is the release of the brand new third edition of Dungeons and Dragons! It was released at last month's GenCon to general hysterics. You can check out everything you need to know about D&D at WotC's site or Erich Noah's incredibly detailed rules examination. GenCon also saw some other major new releases, such as John Wick's Orkworld, Gareth-Michael Skarka's Underworld and the new Blue Planet, as well as crowd of over twenty thousand gamers in one tiny space. We couldn't possibly do justice to the biggest event in the RPG calendar here, so take a look at the write-ups and photo essays over on The Gaming Outpost. And for heaps of reviews on all the new releases, check out RPGNet.

And in case you missed the fall-out from the second biggest event on the gaming calendar, we've got the full list of the Origins awards, the Oscars of gaming, listed below. Check it out.

Special Offer for PTGPTB Readers from New Brisbane Store

In more local news, our home town of Brisbane now has a brand new roleplaying store. Called Mindrush Hobbies, it can be found at 3 Cracknell Road, Annerley and you can ring them on +61 7 3392 8166. They have a good range of roleplaying and wargaming stuff, plus CCGs, board games, and other hobby paraphenalia. Best of all, they also have a good range of second hand material for reasonable prices, unlike so many stores which don't reduce prices on such material. So if you're looking for something a bit cheaper - or if you want to unload some old material - be sure to get on over there.

Mindrush is also strongly committed to providing a real service and a focal point to the various clubs and cons in Brisbane. As part of this, they've arranged a deal for all PTGPTB readers: just mention our name and get 10% off your first purchase!

If you'd like to know more about what they carry, check them out on the web at

Go No Con is Coming!

In other local news, Brisbane will again enjoy the wonders of Go no Con this October. Although a bit smaller than the premier Brisbane convention, the BIG Weekend, Go no Con offers a great selection of RPGs and CCGs all for a very tiny, all-inclusive price of $10. That even includes the packs for all the sealed deck CCG events - what a deal!

The convention will include "Legacy of the Naga" - the Global Storyline Event for Legend of the Five Rings CCG, a chance to play a game of the brand new 3rd Edition D&D, and a massive Warhammer 40K tournament. It will be held on October 14th and 15th at Mt Gravatt TAFE Campus, and all the proceeds will go to the Red Cross. For more info and registration details, check out their website.

Dragonmeet Convention Back After Ten Years

Dragonmeet, the British adventure games convention last organised by Games Workshop in the 1980"s, will return to central London this November thanks to Gameforce, a group of UK games companies and industry professionals.

Dragonmeet 2000 will be held at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, in London, on Saturday 25th November this year. Doors open at 10am, and the convention will close at 9pm. Role-playing games, strategy games, minatures games, collectible-card games and live-action games will all be represented.

The convention will feature a large trade-hall, demonstrations and tournament matches of a wide selection of games, an open gaming for attendees to play games they have brought or bought. All attendees will be given a bag containing free items donated by exhibitors and vendors at the convention.

Events at Dragonmeet will include the world-launch of at least two major new role-playing games, an auction of unique, rare and collectible gaming items, talks and workshops, and a chance to meet some of the UK's top games designers and publishers.

Confirmed attendees include BITS (Traveller), Britannia Games (Chivalry & Sorcery), the Camarilla (Vampire: Mind's Eye Theatre), Hogshead Publishing (Warhammer FRP, Baron Munchausen, Pantheon, Nobilis), Leisure Games, Malefex (Principia Malefex), Nightfall Games (SLA Industries), Pelgrane Press (Dying Earth), Profantasy Software (Campaign Cartographer), and the magazines Valkyrie and Warpstone. Artists in attendance, doing sketches and selling original art, include Ralph Horsley (Ars Magica, Warhammer FRP) and Rik Martin (SLA Industries).

The original Dragonmeet conventions were noted for their friendliness and enthusiasm, and the way they did not exclude and kind of gaming or gamer. Gameforce wants the revived convention to follow in the spirit of the original events. "There'll be something for everyone who enjoys games at Dragonmeet", said Gameforce's director James Wallis, "except Pokemon".

Dragonmeet 2000: Saturday 25th November 2000, 10am-9pm, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC2 (closest tube Holborn). Admittance is £4 (£2.50 concessions) in advance or £5 (£3 concessions) on the door. More information, maps, event listings and on-line booking facilities are at

Wick Wins Again

Last issue we featured the nominees for the 1999 Origins Awards, the Oscars of the gaming world. It's slightly old news now, but here are the winners in each category. Most notable win was John Wick, picking up best designer for the second time for his RPG 7th Sea. His previous win was in 1997 for Legends of the Five Rings. 7th Sea also scooped the pool with its trading card game, No Quarter! The full list of winners was:

Best Abstract Board Game of 1999
Button Men, Cheapass Games

Best Historical Board Game of 1999
Great War at Sea: 1904-1905, The Russo-Japanese Naval War, Avalanche Press

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Board Game of 1999
Orcs at the Gates, Jolly Roger Games

Best Graphic Presentation of a Board Game of 1999
Button Men, Cheapass Games

Best Trading Card Game of 1999
7th Sea: No Quarter!, Alderac Entertainment Group

Best Traditional Card Game of 1999
Chez Geek, Steve Jackson Games

Best Card Game Expansion or Supplement of 1999
7th Sea: Strange Vistas, Alderac Entertainment Group

Best Graphic Presentation of a Card Game or Expansion of 1999
7th Sea: No Quarter!, Alderac Entertainment Group

Best Action Computer Game of 1999
MechWarrior 3, Microprose, Inc.

Best Roleplaying Computer Game of 1999
Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast, Interplay Productions

Best Strategy Computer Game of 1999
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, Firaxis

Best Game-Related Novel of 1999
Delta Green: The Rules of Engagement, Pagan Publishing

Best Game-Related Short Work of 1999
Just a Tad Beyond Innsmouth (appearing in Tales Out of Innsmouth), Chaosium, Inc.

Best Historical Miniatures Rules of 1999
Armies of Antiquity, Warhammer Historical Wargames

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Miniatures Rules of 1999
Diskwars, Fantasy Flight Games

Best Historical Figure Miniatures Series of 1999
German Assault Squad, Easy Eight Enterprises

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Figure Miniature of 1999
Togashi Yokuni, Alderac Entertainment Group

Best Vehicle Miniature of 1999
Babylon 5 Station, Agents of Gaming

Best Amateur Game Magazine of 1999
Alarums & Excursions, Lee Gold

Best Professional Game Magazine of 1999
Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine, Kenzer & Company

Best Ongoing Play-by-Mail Game of 1999
Middle-earth PBM: Fourth Age c. 1000, Game Systems, Inc.

Best Roleplaying Adventure of 1999
Beyond the Mountains of Madness, Chaosium, Inc.

Best Roleplaying Game of 1999
7th Sea Role-Playing Game, Alderac Entertainment Group

Best Roleplaying Supplement of 1999
Delta Green: Countdown, Pagan Publishing

Best Graphic Presentation of a Roleplaying Game, Adventure, or Supplement of 1999
Dark*Matter, Wizards of the Coast

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