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Gaming Links

Here is our regular mixed bag of roleplaying sites, inspiration and general weirdness.

First this month we'll take a look at some sites based on Ursula K LeGuin's Earthsea quartet. The hero is a young wizard called Ged. He is fated to be the strongest wizard in the world but things don't quite turn out right.

  • Our first link is to The Dragon Of Solea guide to Earthsea . This is a concordance of the world of books by Shannon and covers all aspects of Flora and Fauna covered in the novels as well as the characters and details of the magic system. This is based on knowing the true names of things.
  • In this respect, Ars Magica seems the perfect game for roleplaying in Earthsea and that's just what Oskari has done here .
  • Finally there is a literary analysis of the books, with some spoilers, at Ursula K Leguin's Magical World of Earthsea and also a mention from Andrew Rilstone in an earlier ptg-ptb .

Our next item covers gaming portals from around the world. Although most of our readers are from the trilogy Aus-UK-US, we are read in over 30 different countries so here are some slightly more eclectic links.

  • First is AEGIS , a gaming collective in the Phillipines. A wonderful site for Asian gamers with lots of articles, contacts and free stuff.
  • Ankou - a French Gaming Portal is very busy. There is no shortage of new links each day. If you want ot know about rpgs in France you could do a lot worse than look here.
  • Aussie Jon Kim's gaming pages do not constitute a portal as such but there is a huge wealth of material here including much on freeform gaming, styles of play, the 3 fold model and the FAQ from There is also a big list of rpgs and free rpgs.
  • Another portal in Australia is Tom's Roleplayers Guide with plenty of tips on gaming.
  • Moving on to Europe, is in Italian and carries a number of free games including the WaRP system , an OGL of Over The Edge, in Italian!
  • Last of this bunch is a labour of love from JL Hicks, the Orphanage Home for Dead Games . Those seemingly unloved games that have been dropped by their publishers now have a home to go to. I imagine that a lot of FASA games will be sadly turning up there soon.

Finally I'd like to show you some of the sites for companies bringing out new games in the near future:

  • Fly From Evil - A Game of Crime by S. John Ross takes you into the world of Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, Erle Stanley Gardner, and the gangster and private eye films of the 1930s and 1940s. I'm really looking forward to this one.
  • Synister Creative Systems who brought you Underworld last year are delving into fiction with the bimonthly Thrilling Tales Issue that will be supporting the current interest in Pulp fiction. The first issue features William Murray, Robin Laws and Matt Forbeck.
  • Key 20 Publishing - Little Fears is the role-playing game of childhood terror. Will you avoid the Things that are out to get you and hold onto your Innocence?
  • Godlike is a word often associated with Pagan Publishing but in this case it refers to their game of superhero roleplaying during the Second World War.
  • GURPS Transhuman Space , created by David Pulver, is another eagerly awaited game. It covers the development of mankind in the next century and its expansion across the Solar System. The best reference for the concepts is Schismatrix by Bruce Sterling
  • The Dying Earth roleplaying game throws players into an ancient world populated by a desperately extravagant people. Dangerous ruins litter a landscape old and worn, vast forests play home to inky deodands while elegant Manses house powerful, yet petty, magicians.

Found a hot new site on the net? Discovered the missing link? Let us know here.

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