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Uchronia: The Alternate History List

This is an annotated bibliography of novels, stories, essays and other material involving the "what ifs" of history. It is not directly an rpg resource but has plenty of background and source material to inspire games.

How about Profile 107 by Fink, Uri, and Koren Shadmi? Research during WW2 resulted in soldiers with super powers, but treaties signed during the 1960s prohibited their military use. In this graphic novel set in the late 1990s in which an Israeli superhero fights a Palestinian "super terrorist". This seems to be a thought worthy, but possibly too twisted, background for Godlike.

Pete's Roleplaying & RuneQuest!

This RQ site is nicely presented and packed with goodies. There are a number of scenarios, some NPCs and the must for any self-respecting site, polls. Do you roleplay more than once a day?

ORB - Medieval English urban history

Some real life history here. Look at annotated maps of real medieval English towns and find out what to do with alien pigs! And especially for my Dutch friend Wim, take a look theAncient usages and customs of the borough of Maldon.


Where better to explore your worship of all things Cthulhu than at the premier HPL convention in his town, Providence, Rhode Island. Come dance with the deep ones!

Exit 23

This is a good site for all things weird and wonderful from Conspiracy Girl. There are a few bits and pieces on RPGs but the best thing is the huge number of links to sites covering conspiracies, modern myths and the paranomal.

La Scénariothèque

Would you believe it! Not everyone roleplays in English. No, this is not Johnny Foreigner up to his knavish tricks again. In honour of the article from Antoine our French counterpart, here is a site with Four Hundered And Twenty Four FREE scenarios!

Arkham - Art, sculpture and design inspired by H. P. Lovecraft, Fantasy, Science Fiction and Mythology.

If you like your inspiration visual then pop on over to this nifty site for a feast of horror art from Gothic Rag Dolls to Mythos Snowdomes via some truely monstrous artwork from Dave Carson.

Amor Fati

If you thought GNS was child's play, pop on over to Oslo for a look at some LARP theory and ideology. There is a very useful article by acclaimed Swedish theorist and larpwright Susanne Gräslund on How to Make Stories Happen. No chickens in pots anywhere, this is serious man.

1920's Interactive Literature Resource Home Page

Gordon Olmstead-Dean's super 1920 resource for Live and Table Tabletop gaming is the cat's pyjamas. Find out here what that means and also why absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.

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