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Little Fears Jason Blair grins evilly over Little Fears, his controversial game of children facing their fears. It's a simple yet challenging game that will impress any horror fan. Pelgrane BoysThe Pelgrane boys square off and sell Dying Earth, with or without the Diana Jones Award. If you like Jack Vance (or even if you don't) this game is too funny and inspired to miss out on. Cjildren of the SunLewis Pollack, designer of Children of the Sun, is definitely the Designer of the Sunny Disposition. Check out CotS for fantasy with a deisel-punk twist, giant airships and funky animalistic races.
Battle of the BandsFamous more for his art for GURPS and In Nomine, Dan Smith wants to remind you he's now also made a card game. Battle of the Bands is a huge hit, combining funny cards with hilarious game play, and YOU get to be in the band. Dork StormJohn Kovalic (Dork Tower) and Aaron Williams (Nodwick) stand ready to sign every funny book they can. Dork Storm's newest addition, Scott Kurtz' PVP is also now running monthly, and the first trade paperbacks for it are now available. HogsheadJames Wallis is not on drugs in this photo. I swear. He's just high on GenCon.
CheapassJames Ernest of Cheapass Games poses with Freeloader. No, the GAME is called Freeloader. James promises to be even more Cheapass in the coming year, and the quality of brilliance coming from this man's brain remains unbroken. Starchildren The Starchildren booth. The coolest booth at the con, bringing glam rock back to the masses. If you have a rock and roll bone in your body, you will love this game of aliens and underground rockers fighting back in a world where rock is ground under a jack-booted heel. DeadlandsShane Hensley is positively thrilled with the release of the brand new Deadlands game, Lost Colony. This time, the Reckoning is coming to the stars!
MicrotactixGuy McLimore of Microtactix was enjoying the success that his new venture, RPGNet Mall is having. Blue PlanetGreg Benage gets liquid sustenance; it's been a big day selling Blue Planet and D20 stuff at the Fantasy Flight Games booth. Also a hot item was The Confrontation, the new Tolkein board game from Reiner Knizia. A two-player Stratego-like game, but far more clever, and the John Howe art also makes it gorgeous to look at. GURPSGURPS line-editor Sean Punch, Transhuman Space writer David Pulver and Ars Magica supremo David Chart hold up their books and make their moms proud.
Danger QuestAndy Miello and David Matlol are totally enthused about their new pulp RPG, Danger Quest! Adept PressRon sells Sorcerer, preferring to do it with the DJ Award. Ron's booth, Adept Press, was also selling and running demos a whole host of indie RPGs such as Jared Sorensen's OctaNe, the rock and roll apocalypse RPG, Matt Snyder's gritty Western masterpiece Dust Devils, the storytelling game Universalis by Ralph Mazza and Mike Holmes, Kayfabe, the wrestling RPG, and Obsidian's Dav Harnish's new one, Unfortunate Destinies - not to mention Trollbabe and Elfs, two more games from the genius of Mr Edwards. ObsidianDav Harnish is quietly proud of the apocalyptic hellhole he created in his darkly horrific RPG, Obsidian.
Green RoninAaron Loeb of Green Ronin Publishing, and friend, and book. GodlikeBrad Elliot and Greg Stolze congratulate each other for their sterling work on Godlike Mystic EyeA bevy of D20 Publishers: Hal Greenberg, Jim Govreau, Doug Hernig, Andrew Thompson, Curtis Bennet, Jason Parent, mostly from Mystic Eye Games.

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