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This issue features pretty much all of the sites our esteemed editor-in-chief has have been using for the Buffy games he has been writing. But first, here's a few things that have amused us:

Micro-Heroes... The Micro-Hero Collective. This website has all the information and links you need for designing Mini Heroes. This site also has loads of cool costumed characters that are just perfect for Superhero character sheets and paper figures for tabletop play.

Gallery of Frogs. I liked these frogs so much I bought one for a friend. Not really a roleplaying site either, but the illustrations are good enough to eat.

FLY GUY. This is nothing to do with roleplaying as such but it is a glorious piece of escapist animation. Enjoy!

So here we go now with a whole slew of Buffy sites:

John Kim's Buffy RPG Notes. We've advertised John Kim's site before, he's got a mine of roleplaying theory, list of games and other related articles. He doesn't do things by half and his Buffy pages are no exception. You can read several articles on the game as well as catching up with his series. This is one of the best Buffy sites around.

G e t t i n g M e d i e v a l. This site looks glorious, if you can get it to work, and don't mind the pop-ups. It's worth persisting though because it's a good resource.

index - Page 20 of 23. Hardly a snappy title, some work on the HTML is needed. This is another Buffy site, with spells and character sheets. Elsewhere you can find interesting things for other Eden games.

BtVS RPG - Sparky's Net. Yet more Buffage. This site has some useful character sheets.

Mysteri51 Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG. Yet more Buffy! There are several episodes here, ready to play so what are you waiting for? This is another big Buffy fan site. It's design is uninspiring but it has lots of useful downloads, including fonts, and an active forum.

As my game is set in Victorian London as opposed to the official background, I also used these sites for general background information:

Victorian Gamer. Although Jim Skipper's site has not been updated in a while, it does have plenty to interest anyone running a Victorian game.

The Oval, London. A short page on my local cricket ground that inspired my last Buffy episode. It's nice enough in its way.

BBC - History - Programmes - What the Victorians did for us. Some child friendly Victorian history from the BBC. It's all rather nice.

London House - Life in Victorian London. The daily lives of Victorians are covered here with background material on all walks of life.

Greenwood's Map of London 1827This is a big clickable map of London that I've been using for my Victorian Buffy game.

Dictionary of Victorian London - Victorian History - 19th Century London - Social History. This is just a big old archive of Victorian London. So if you need to know about Music Hall or Murders come here. It's fully searchable too.

Heritage Exploring Underground London. This site has a map of hidden tunnels under London. It's good for hiding away any fiends you might like to haunt your games.

GenDocs Genealogy Services ~ Research Aids. This page has a list of Victorian London street names and institutions for adding that authentic touch to your games.

The Black Sheep & Police Index. This site has lists of names of criminals and shipwrecks from the 19th century for some authentic flavour.

A Little Bit of Cucumber. This is a collection of musical hall ditties, not all of which are as risqué as this one.

These sites look at Victorian literary style, from the awful penny dreadfuls to the sublime M.R. James:

The Literary Gothic general Gothic fiction and horror literature resources. This site looks at the literary side of Victoriana with links to many articles on the Gothics and the Romantics.

Other Online Ghost Stories. Victorian ghost stories are the order of the day here with a wide selection of tales, and no M.R. James! Actually there are but on another page.

Blackmask Online Gothic Tales More gothic tales than you've had hot breakfasts. The penny dreadfuls are rather funny, and Varney the Vampire must have had the Ladies swooning.

Finally, the Buffy genre relies heavily on an authentic occult background so here's some great places for text and images:

Practical Alchemy. Exactly what it says in the title. A collection of texts and plates on the practice of alchemy. Useful for sorcerous games.

Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts, page 1. This is a massive index of myhs and tales that are perfect inspiration for games such as Hellboy of Buffy. They are indexed by type, such as Nephites or Mouse, which helps witht hematic searches.

Enochian Linguistics. Enochian is the language of Angels that Dr Dee, and later Aleister Crowley, claimed to use in their contacts with otherworldy beings. This websit has a list of interesting links for anyone planning to introduce Enochian into their games.

Internet Sacred Text Archive Main Index. This is a quiet place in cyberspace devoted to religious tolerance and scholarship. It is a massive archive of all the sacred texts you can think of, from all the major religions and many of the more obscure ones too. It's a great place for background colour.

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