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Nicotine Girls - a roleplaying game by Paul Czege. This is another of Paul Czege's excellent games. You may remember him from such RPGs as My Life with Master. This time it's not minions but "teenage, lower-income girls looking for happiness", a juciy one page game from a master creator.

Gamemaster's Refuge - A page for roleplayers by Jonas Steverud. This is Jonas Steverud's gaming page. He's Swedish too. He's collected a number of interesting resources here in two languages. There are some character sheets and a selection of scenarios for various games plus some Over the Edge goodies. Nice.

Google Search cthulhu. Elfwood is an art collective where amateurs display their work. This link is a search using Google and the word "Cthulhu". It's pretty good for squamous inspiration. I particularly like this little dancing dude.

evilschemer. This is the website of Christian Conkle. He has a large collection of pages for the games that he runs, from Abberant to Buffy via Mekton and Star Wars. Check it out.

Anime and Manga Hero System Character Adaptions. A massive manga resource for the Hero System with write ups for loads of games and characters. I'm rather fond of Cowboy Bebop and it's all here thanks to Michael Surbrook. Hurrah!

Dark Wisdom Home. The Book of Dark Wisdom is a new Call of Cthulh fanzine with professional production values. I've got issue #1 and it is really rather good, from the scary art cover to the collection of scenarios and other aids inside. And it's only $17 for 3 issues (in the US)!

Cthulhu Lives Table of Contents. This is a website for the Cthulhu LARP, selling fonts and 20's documents by CD, but there are also some nice freebies you can try out first, such as Mythos Breakfast Cereals! and an archive of adventures.

Standard Character Generator. Do you want d20 third edition characters? This website helps you create them online by guiding you each step of the way and presenting a character sheet at the end. All in all pretty nifty.

Continuum. Continuum is the successor to the highly succesful UK Convulsion conventions. These are for fans of games such as Rune Quest, Hero Wars, Hawkmoon, Elric and Call of Cthulhu. Their last con was probably one of the best I've ever been to, and I played in a game refereed by John Tynes. Tickets are cheaper before Xmas so get in quick, it'll be a doozy.

Half Meme Press. This is the website where you can get My Life with Master, the game of villany, self-loathing and un-requited love in which you play minions of an evil master. It is the best game in years and Paul Czege should be showered with gold. Your gold. Buy this game now and thank me later.

Mysterious Britain, a guide to the legends, folklore, myths and mysterious places of Britain. And I don't think it's about how a nation of losers can win the Rugby World Cup. No it's the esoteric side of things and a wonderful resource for all things fortean and new agey. In other words, it's good background material for many games.

Sverok Scenariobanken. No, nothing to do with chickens and pots, this is a Swedish roleplaying sceanrio bank. I couldn't even tell you how many scenarios there are, but they do come in 35 categories with all your Nordic favourites: Gemini, Drak och Demoner, Kult etc. Well done to Simon Rydberg for this. Exploring further you'll find out that this is the website of Sverok, the grandly named Swedish Role Playing and Conflict Gaming Federation. They get money for this from the government, would that we could say the same in Australia (or the UK). This is the website for the scientific study of hidden animals. If ever you want to know more about the Florida Skunk Ape, the Whitehall Creature or the Booger Monster of Alabama, then you've found your goal.

Ex Libris Nocturnis -. This is a big old White Wolf website chock full of angsty goth goodness: articles, reviews, a gallery and a forum.

Roleplaying World. This is Keith Harrison's archive of d20 gaming material, mostly from his own campaign, Ascalon.

CJ Carella's WitchCraft. Eden have made Witchcraft free to download. Yes, FREE. So buy it now, for NOTHING! I know, if it's not from some dodgy fileshare with half the pages missing it just doesn't have the caché, but it's FREE! First Ars Magica and now this, here's a trend we can all salute. Nice one, Eden.

Parasitology and Tropical Diseases. Ooh boy! Some truly ghastly pictures of various medical complaints just ripe for Call of Cthulhu. Enter at your peril.

The NetherReal - Pierce the Veil of Insanity.... Another fine Cthulhu website from Jim Hawley. It has the usual collection of reviews, articles and poetry. - Accueil. Antoine Drouart is at least partly responsible for this, a fairy tale roleplaying game that beats the socks of that WoD thingy. Not only is he one of the translators for our French edition but he's a Jolly Decent Sort who took my and my wife out to dinner.

IVANHOE UnbounD. Ivanhoe Unbound is the ROG imprint of Kurt Dankmyer. He presents here several fine games including Unsung:Morality Under Fire, the game of "making tough moral and ethical choices under pressure". As you can tell, these are not run of the mill "killing monsters - opening boxes" games, Kurt is pushing the RPG envelope and demanding some thought from player and GM alike. And good for him.

Demonology of the Dictionaire Infernal - A Gallery of Demons. This site has illustrations from Louis Breton's Dictionaire Infernal, just peachy for games of Buffy or Hellboy.

The Ringworld RPG Home. This is a website dedicated to the out of print but eminently playable game of Ringworld. Apparently Larry Niven is to publish a new book in the series in 2004 so no's the time to brush up on the background.

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