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Here we are then, the usual hodge-podge of gaming links. This issue's themes are dark, conspiracy and French. The last is in honour of Régis joining the crew.

Au fil du jeu oł jouer en suisse is a French language site for Swiss roleplayers with upcoming events, photos from previous ones, articles and a player directory. All good stuff!

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Inpsirations has, for those with a gothic bent, a page of deliciously dark poetry. Elsewhere this site sells oils and potions but also has a great list of gothic links (suggested for mature readers).

BP4P is another page in French (can you spot a theme?). It's the blog for a game designer and a good place for general news about French and other gaming.

Chris' Home Port Roleplaying Renaissance Venice is the site for those wishing to run games in Venice. Ostensibly for Ars Magica, you could use this for any méd-fan game (med-fan is French for médievale-fantastique, sort of equivalent to heroic fantasy in English).

Conspiracies ~ Mystery Schools is a big ol' list of conspiracies with some background information on each. This website is chock full of weird stuff for conspiracy and esoteric gamers.

Control's Intelligence Gathering Center is a wonderful Spycraft archive with NPCs, locations and paper minis with links to paper buildings, to make sure that the view from the grassy knoll is unhindered for shooter #2.

DURENMAR arx peritae is another Ars Magica resource. These guys take their history very seriously and so make things easier for the rest of us.

Eastenwest is French webzine. You can tell this by the not quite English title. But don't let that stop you reading it. This month there are scenarios for Little Fears, Les Mousquetaires de L'Ombre (more of which later), Unknown Armies, Warhammer, Polaris, Dark Earth, ... If there's one thing a French player is never short of, it's free scenarios.

Enter the Realm of... the apocalyptic lawnmower? No. Sadly this has nothing to do with the thrash band Lawnmower Death. Who can forget the dulcet tones of "Ooh Crikey! It's Lawnmower Deth!"? If ever you need a soundtrack for playing Bloodlust, this is it. Back to the site which refers to "Dungeon Majesty", a disturbing exposé of modern roleplaying, or something. It's live action D&D with four young women and one of the most dirty looking GMs you're ever likely to encounter. This could put back the cause of roleplaying 20 years! If this is to shocking for you, try The Gamers instead.

FateRPG.Com Fate Fantastic Adventures in Tabletop Entertainment (TM) is a new free RPG based around the Fudge system. It won several awards atthe Indie RPG awards (as we have done in the past). There's a mountain of support here, scarily so. Don't these people have jobs?

Flames Rising is a website dedicated to horror and dark fantasy. It has regular updates and covers a wide range of subjects, including gaming.

gun-thumbnail is a photo journal of a visit to Gunkanjima. This island near Japan was deserted in 1974. Everything was left to decay, and coincidentally create some great pictures for post apocalyptic and other dark games. There are other interesting photos to be found by poking around this site.

Hampstead Cemetery photo gallery is another support for dark games with gravestones, angels and other statues.

Historical Text Archive E-Books Europe - Free Full-version History Books is a collection of free online history books. It's good background material for gamers.

kiddofspeed is another photo journal of a human wasteland. This time it's from a motorbike trip to Chernobyl (or Wormwood in English). It's pretty darn scary.

Javascript Cthulhu d20 Character Generator is exactly what is says on the tin. An invaluable resource if you want PCs for your d20 CoC games. There are also several other d20 generators at this site.

Lab00 is an irregular compendium of French small press RPGs. The first, lab01 has four games and the second a futher three. I'm still hoping they'll reprint as I missed out the first time round.

Le Festin du Troll !!! - Warhammer JDR is a great French resource for WHFRP and includes a nifty character generator. I got a female dwarven alchemist's apprentice.

Lyonesse is pretty old but still has a wealth of material for the Swiss game Lyonesse. They made me an honorary Man-in-Cheese, don't you know.

MythPunk NOW! is a wiki that's a bit all over the place but does seem to have a lot going on, Exalted, Jedi Cops, LARPs.

Only in Dreams is the site for a Cowboy Bebop RPG adapted from the well-known animé. It's not perhaps as complete as it could be but there's enough information to play the game using the tri-stat system.

The 20' By 20' Room is a mature blog where all things roleplaying are discussed. The contributors are some of the leading lights of current RPG design. I won't list them all, for fear of leaving some out, so you'll just have to go to the site to find out.

The Constantine Family Tree The movie is coming out, albeit with that cardboard cut-out Keanu Reeves. So don't bother with that and instead use this site for background to an RPG.

The Cthulhu Lexicon has everything you wanted to know about tentacles but where afraid to ask. If you don't have Dan Harm's excellent Encyclopaedia Cthulhiana this is almost as good.

The Marsden Archive is a great library of spooky pictures for atmospheric handouts.

The Wolery had loads of Cthulhuy goodness but is now heavily under construction. Look again when the stars are right.

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