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1-2-3 Cthulhu! is self-proclaimed “nerdy girl” Sonja's simplified system for playing Call of Cthulhu. It's White Wolf inspired but much simpler than Vampire, has a character sheet and is eminently playable too.
Aedificium Living History in England, 1190 A.D. is a roleplaying resource for medieval gaming that's also good enough for real historians. It's by Christopher Golden although I'm pretty sure that's not the guy who wrote Ghosts of Albion with Amber Benson.
Abandoned Subway Tunnels is Shaun Dufour's collection of eerily evocative photographs of the Boston underground. He also does power plants, railways, mills and factories and other places that you might like to use in your game of Unknown Armies or Buffy. There's also a nice collection of links to other such sites, some of which have already been mentioned in previous issues of this zine. I just love this kind of thing!
d20 Magazine Rack is exactly what is says on the tin: a collection of magazines for d20 games. They also link to us which proves their discernment so I'm returning the compliment.
Dirty 30s! I love pulp. It's the perfect genre for exciting but still somewhat gritty gaming. Albeit strategically placed grit to subtly enhance the glamour of the gals or the spunk of the gents. We've just been introduced to Kath & Kim in the UK so “Hunk of Spunk” is getting a fair bit of mileage. I don't know what it means in Brisbane but it definitely doesn't mean that in London.
H.P. Lovecraft FR is a French Lovecraft website. It's under maintenance at the moment but the old site is still up and there's plenty of cthulhu-tastique material and even much of the “Roi en Jaune”, or “King in Yellow” to you and me. I've got an English translation of this famous play but you should really read it in the original French.
The World of Necromerica is a strange one. It's a website, in French, with alternative superheroes such as Feng, the Chinese Flash, or Golem, the Polish Hulk. And what's more, each is illustrated with a microhero, those superhero avatars.
DGWiki: are you cleared for the Delta Green wiki? This is a repository of ideas gleaned from the DG mailing list and is chock full of creepy and nasty things with which to scare your players
RandomWiki: these gaming wikis are getting everywhere these days, this one belongs to Doyce Alan Testerman. He has put no little effort into populating it and so it's quite succesful. He's got resources for over a dozen games, mostly indie, including Fudge, Capes and the Shadow of Yesterday and the game I'm currently in love with Dogs in the Vineyard.
The Urban Exploration WebRing hub has links to 208 sites from people who like to crawl around abandoned buildings, collapsed subway tunnels, fire-gutted hospitals and asylums.
World Mysteries is a wacky place where you can Explore with us lost civilizations, ancient ruins, sacred writings, unexplained artifacts, science mysteries, and "alternative" theories.
Utopies is another site for the French speakers. It's a great pdf zine for historical gaming. Issue #1 was called Jack's Century and the current issue #2 is Medieval Chronicles. Both are stuffed to the gills with over 25MB of period information.
And finally, this is the Orgins special issue so in case we never feature again, here's our nomination page.

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